Jacuzzi pumps

Horizental direct centrifugal couplated electro pumps accompanied with a snail-like, single-impeller, single- suction central container has an impeller made of poly Amid whose axis is sealed by a mechanical seal and the quality of materials is changeable.

General features of Jacuzzi pumps

1. Out put diameter is 32 mm to 65 mm.
2. Water capacity 20 to 110 m3 per hour.
3. Water height: 15 to 45 meters.
4. All Jacuzzi pumps (centrifugal) are with a mechanical seal.
5. They can transfer the fluid with a mechanical seal from -50 0c to 140 0c.
6. Maximum pressure tolexance: 16 bars.
7. The quality of materials is changeable according to the order in transferring different chemical materials.
8. They have one – year guarantee.


1. Circulating hot and cold water.
2. Transferring water for agricultural, residential and industrial usages.
3. Making different boosters of water and fire pumps.
4. Transfering water in installation systems and air conditioning.
5. Transferring chemical materials.

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